More About Me

Barry Muntz


Unknowingly I was developing yoga skills as a child, timing how long I could hold my breath under water using deep bellow breaths to expand my lungs. The stillness of being under water gave me a sense of calm as I lay peacefully unaware I was practicing Pranayama, and in a state of Dhyana (meditation). 

14 years ago my conscious yoga journey began and its through this practice that my entire ethos of exercise and life evolved. I had always been so competitive playing a variety of sports and pushed my physical body to the point of breaking at times. Therefore I required healing.

Initially the connection was purely physical but it wasn't long before the philosophical and spiritual aspects made an impression. Not only had I found a practice to compliment my activities keeping me physically healthy, I also woke up to the idea that there was far more to explore. I began connecting mindfully with my body and inwardly with myself giving me a better awareness of movement, intuition and attitude. Soon my competitive nature started to break as I learnt to surrender and

develop a greater ability to let go.

24 years as a fitness coach has given me a good background of physical training techniques, anatomy and physiology.  I utilise this knowledge when delivering traditional yoga systems of Hatha,  Ashtanga, Flow, Power, Yin, and Restorative so my classes are informative with attention to detail. Sharing knowledge through the class is important to gaining more self awareness and empowerment. I also aim to bring a sense of calmness and confidence to your practice by keeping you connected with me, the floor and yourself.

For me this is not a job, its a lifestyle which allows me to help others experience more, grow and transcend their physical and emotional well being. This motivates me to keep evolving as a person and instructor.  

I am currently located in New Zealand with my Yogini partner Lauren. We hope you can join us for one of our classes/workshops/ retreats as our combined teaching gives you a more personal, fun and holistic experience. 



Barry is a 500hr qualified teacher (Yoga Alliance Accredited), has a diploma in reflexology, a certified surf instructor, first aider and personal trainer with 24 years experience